“Workin’ Man” Original lyrics


I have heard rumor Hunter and I will get to dive in very soon and begin the ending of the Circus script process. So, I’m gonna take a look back at a song about just that, working.

We haven’t kicked off because Hunter is cast in the new Jason Robert Brown musical on Broadway. First world problems, haha. So, after he’s settled with his big boy job we’ll go.

I began writing ‘Workin Man’ as the opener to the show. I like the four on the floor idea at the beginning, a foot tapping, a lone voice. I can’t find the first pages, but I have the second verse. Before Pearly was a girl, the character was based off another Cathy Day character, named Gordon, a boy. He sang the line about “some men work for freedom” (sorry it’s hard to read, pencil is not coming through as well anymore. I’ll post exactly what it says below.)

I also remember these notations. Because I had to write and recite so much in the classroom during initial development, I started my own method of shorthand notation feel changes and intervals in my lyrics. For instance, the word “5th” above the words “see” and “couple” is there to indicate the jump in the vocal melody, a perfect fifth (the Star Wars leap). It’s funny to think I couldn’t hear that jump, its now turned into a blues run I’ve heard about 30 different women sing.

Ooo, I’m a Workin’ Man
” ” (indicates repeat)
Some men work for freedom
Porter, he works for good
He’s a man who’s always gonna spend
his money
just the way he
Never can find him
a woman
Work in the stable
all day
Plenty women comin
round lookin for him

To see if he’ll
look their way
Ooo, ooo, he’s a workin’ man

Works his nose to
the grindstone
Lives his life on the
Never looks up through
the dust
To see a couple
women passin him

Oh, how things do change :)
Fun to see where it will go next
^^^ Those aren’t lyrics, haha