The Circus in Photos: Where we’ve been since October

Opening the show and closing it was a very quick two week at Ball State. During the run, we were adjudicated and accepted to the ACTF Regional Festival in Champaign, Illinois. We were very blessed to receive a slot to perform twice in one day, rocked it, and the response was very solid. It was great to see bunches of people and talk to them about what we had been doing.



After the ACTF Regional was a success, we were contacted by some producers with intentions to help us get into various festivals to push the show forward to ultimately find a venue in New York City. When the materials were provided to these professionals, a full soundtrack for the show was requested. I worked with Nick Rapley as a producer, and we expanded the recordings we already had from 8 tracks to 20.



Soundtrack got done, then we moved on to Washington DC. I have been made apart of a Kennedy Center Playwrights fellowship, and got to speak with a lot of great young artists like myself while I was there. We performed a three song selection from the show on stage after the Irene Ryan Awards finalists presentation, it was very well received. We even met Alice Ripley, she had nice things to say about it as well. Small world. 


Now that things are picking up, we need to focus in on making the show the best it can be. We’ve made the NAMT (National Alliance of Musical Theatre) 2012 New Works festival Top 20, which was our biggest priority in production. They accept 8, loved the show, but agreed the script needed work. Specifically, a clear singular voice. When we wrote the first drafts, it was the text of 14 hard working students who worked together to create the voice of the characters in Circus. Now we needed one professional to take that effort and make it concise. We were lucky enough to acquire John Cariani, a playwright most well known for his off-Broadway work “Almost, Maine”, which has had a vibrant life regionally in the United States and abroad. As we speak, John and I are in Muncie (again) turning the script on its end to make a final draft for the festival. He’s so super duper I can’t even reason with myself about it. The show is gaining a new life through his contributions and the work I’m doing on my own part of the show. The festival accepts 8 of the 20 shows we’re apart of now. We’re halfway through our workload, and I feel very good about our chances. Here’s to the future.