Scene for Jennie and Jack

Another little riff by me…as a playwright. Wait till you see/hear/read John’s work. Super great.
Wallace exits

EJ: Takin a liking to the boss man?
J: Takin’ a liking for what he’s done for this place, if that’s what you mean.
EJ: Jesus. Come on, Dixie. Don’t you think I’ve known you long enough to call you out when you’re looking for something. You’re foolish, he’s not your kind of people.
J: And who are my people Jack? Last I checked that was my decision to make, not yours. 
EJ: What I’m sayin’ is he’s not going for any high-flying gypsy who lives in a trailer a few feet from his pretty little house, you’re not his people, Jennie.
J: Well you’re not my people anymore Jack, so why don’t you go hang around some folks you have somethin’ in common with, like the animals. 
EJ: I’ll smack that noisy little mouth right off your face. 
J: And I’ll get you kicked out of this camp before you can run and pick it back up for me. 
EJ: Will you?
EJ: No. You won’t. My job is controlling things that go wild. And I had your number awhile back. 
J: If you had me awhile back, you wouldn’t be hiding under those bleachers everyday when I rehearse. 
EJ: You think you see everything I do?-
J: No Jack. I smell it when you walk in. 
(She exits.)