One more for Indiana

For now.

After the Palladium performance went over so well, we linked up with Actor’s Theatre of Indiana to do a concert performance of the music from the show, with me leading the evening in song, commentary, background, etc. Very VH1 Storytellers.

Talks with theatres are in a good place, and we don’t really have a draft to commit to, as talks with a book writer are also in a good place. With the emphasis being getting people familiar with what we’re trying to do, we do have music, so we set up for a night of music.

We were in a 200 or so seat theatre with a few sets of stadium style bleachers, and a limited band. The ensemble and soloists for various roles were made up of past and present Circus members, kids I knew before I graduated BSU as a senior were now seniors themselves. As well as some faculty contributions, always cool. We rehearsed at Ball State a few days before, interviewed with local TV, and caravanned to Carmel on show day, arriving at about 3 pm on the 18th of December.


We had a long time between show and arrival. It was a pleasure to fly in good friend and recurring Circus guitarist Eli Zoller, his first taste of Indiana musical theatre. Eli had just finished a Broadway stint with First Date before joining us, he performed with me on “Runnin’ To Get What’s Mine” during the show. My main dude Nick Rapley came from New York as well. My college and current roommate, it was nice to relive a little in Muncie with him. Producer Ken Dingledine and social media wonder woman Claire Buffie were in from New York as well.

Everyone in the cast did what they needed to do all week, and the show felt over before it started. The more the finished product is realized, it seems like time flies when we’re in the flow of the piece. A lot like I do in this blog, I got to share what this show is from my perspective. And it was even better to say what I said to a lot of friends and family I love so much, as well as the whole Circus crew. I got a little choked up in parts, which is fine. My parents were there, teachers, sister, sue me.

As a social media strategy, we let people take pictures and video from the show. I’ll feature a few here, it made for a very involved experience. I have never talked to, met, heard praise from so many people I had never met after it was done. It was also great to strengthen a relationship with a prominent regional group like ATI. After that, it was home for Christmas with my family, a relaxation. And a time to look forward to the big year ahead in 2014 for The Circus in Winter. If ever you want to stay up to date with Circus happenings in real time, catch us on social media with the handle @CircusInWinter

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