New York Summer Reading

We got a script and a reading. This was an up and down event, maybe not for the show as a whole, but an enlightening experience for me. We put together a cast of pretty top notch people, and a script with a bunch of new ideas and some new music.

Matt Hinkley (First Date) music directed this reading, which was a new and wonderful connection. He has a fantastic personality and helped a lot with the formatting and arrangement of the score. Picked up what I wanted immediately, and brought good players with him. Justin Smith on fiddle and Dan Fabricatore on upright bass. Rest of the band was Nick, Joe flew in, and Eli back on guitar I. Their sound was beautiful, I hope we get to keep them all. Forever.

Left to Right, Eli Zoller, Dan Fabricatore, Nick Rapley, Justin Smith, Matt Hinkley, Joe Young Pit discussion Margo Seibert and Michael Park First day of rehearsal


I realized I need to steer my end of the project. Define what is and is not doable by doing it myself. I missed underscoring, and our script was overwritten a bit. I felt like the show dragged, and old music I really believed in was cut. I missed it, but wanted to keep an open mind. But I’m questioning whether changing Irene’s role is best for the heart and soul of the show. I need to share my opinion more specifically, respectably, and make sure music breathes throughout the score. Organically, but in an open organized form.

The audience did enjoy it, and I can’t forget that. Sutton performed, she was amazing. We also featured Cory Mach again, as well as Michael Park, fromViolet‘s original cast, and Margo Seibert, whose voice I very much enjoyed. Again, just a boatload of cool people. I need to write thicker, better, simpler, stronger revisions. People like that make it sound easy, and bail out your bad ideas with their presentation. Its my job to let my stuff do part of the work, best it can.

I’m fueled, and I still think we’re gonna make it.