I wrote for a scene….that’s a switch!

W: You reputation says your act is a constant perfection, you never fall?
J: Of course not, be dead if I did.
W: Must not be easy reagrdless. All these cuts and bruises, looks like you got yourself into a scuffle of some kind.
J: What are you suggesting, Mr. Porter?
W: Oh nothing at all-
J: I appreciate the effort you put toward making everyone feel welcome here, but assuming things about my personal affairs is not your right.
W: Miss Dixianna, I didn’t mean to suggest anything. I think I’ve been misunderstood. 
They look at one another
W: Everyone here deserves to be treated justly, and I take it as a personal responsibility-
J: I get treated fine as anybody else-
W: And you’re happy that way?
J: Happy don’t matter. You have soft hands Mr. Porter, don’t get ’em dirty by diggin through somethin you’re not supposed to. 
So the score in writing dialog is:
Ben – .5
John – like….a bunch.