A big start to a new year

It was a good weekend.

The team traveled to East Haddam, CT and Goodspeed Musicals to give a preview of our show to the season ticket holders and other theatre goers of the area. Reason being, Goodspeed has accepted us to do a full production of Circus In Winter at the Norma Terris Theatre. Likewise, we have announced a collaboration with actor/writer/director/Braves fan/Tony Nom Hunter Foster. I couldnt feel more comfortable if I wanted to.

I don’t feel pressure from this announcement, just joy. Feels like dreaming. I played five songs in the afternoon, and Beth joined me to fill in plot lines and give the backstory of our own journey. It was well received.


The strangest things come back around. I performed “Never Alone”, seems to be my staple anymore, and a woman commented in the Q & A after my mini-set. In answering questions about where we’ve been, Beth and I spoke about the original concept of the Virginia Ball Center group from 2010. Originally, our first idea was to compose a connected song cycle about how 9/11 affected the midwest.

She rose her hand, house left, front row. She said she didn’t have a question, but more of an observation. This woman said we may not have written the 9/11 musical, but we touched her with “Never Alone”. She talked about the feeling of helplessness, imminent end, the water rising, but the beautiful sense of being and euphoria that comes with acknowledging how amazing life itself is, in any capacity. I can’t remember how she put it, but I was enlightened. I had never ever considered the piece in that context.

After the talkback was finished, it was time to enjoy the announcement. People were excited, it was a little bit like going back to summer camp. Seeing old friends from last years Johnny Mercer Colony, as it was currently chugging along for its second cycle. Meeting new people, meeting people who would work on, and later attend Circus when its presented. We talked casting. It was all very freaky and awesome.

A cabaret at night closed radical day, featured the inspiring Benjamin Scheuer and Sam Willmott performing their own work. Then a party. And drankin’.

We visited Norma Terris the next morning (no headache) and the neighboring town of Chester. It was pretty magical, small town, big artistry all around. It’s Goodspeed’s 30th Anniversary season, and I can’t believe we’re apart of it. But in some ways, I can. It only gets better from here. I hope :)