NAMT Shakedown

This stuff has been crazy. We are a few weeks away from NAMT, and rehearsals are right around the corner. We have a series of rehearsals, 29 hours total before we are a go. Our music director is Matthew Webb, and our director will be Victoria Bussert, the department chair of the incredible theatre program at Baldwin-Wallace. She has helped us out by finding a bunch of great actors for the cast whom are BW alumni. Not to mention she’s a damn good director and a real nice lady. I also get three musicians for the festival, we talked real nice to the NAMT committee. Guitar, Joe Young (mandolin, banjo, guitar, superhero) and Nick (percussion).

So… The cast….

MF Arcilla
Derrick Cobey
Jen Noble
Jonathan Jensen (Ball State ’10)

WALLACE – Steele Burkhardt (Nat’l Tour HAIR)
IRENE – Kate Rockwell (BRING IT ON)
PEARLY – Rachel Ferrera
CATHERINE – Emily Behny (Nat’l Tour BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Ball State ’10)
JACK – Brian Sutherland
HOLLENBACH – Steve Routman

And not to drop a bomb, but, this is the only way to end the blog.



Big news from NAMT

Huge news.

Shortly after signing with Sean, our new producer, we revised our submitted materials to the NAMT New Musical Festival, and have received news. We’re in as one of eight musicals to be performed in NYC in October! We will get a forty-five minute slot to do an abridged version of the show for industry professionals, and theatre representatives from all over the country.

Can’t tell you how big this is. I gotta fight for a bigger band…..we’ll see. They only let you have two musicians. I want more….

We also have decisions to make. Director, music director, I won’t play guitar for this one (terrifying, I’m the only one who’s ever played it.) Not to mention, cast. Casting. Yeah. We get to use some B’way people.

I’m beyond thrilled. We all are!

Introduction to our executive producer

SeanPleased to announce today that Sean Cercone has signed on as our lead producer. Sean found our show through connections in Facebook (of course) and was on the phone with Ball State as soon as he found the number. He has tremendous faith in the work we’ve done and the story we’re trying to tell. Not to mention, his hobby is being an Iron Man athelete. He is currently a producer on the new Broadway-bound musical HANDS ON A HARDBODY, which opens in 2013. Excited to have home on as a key part of our creative team, his contribution will be a big part of taking CIRCUS to the professional stage.

Scene for Jennie and Jack

Another little riff by me…as a playwright. Wait till you see/hear/read John’s work. Super great.
Wallace exits

EJ: Takin a liking to the boss man?
J: Takin’ a liking for what he’s done for this place, if that’s what you mean.
EJ: Jesus. Come on, Dixie. Don’t you think I’ve known you long enough to call you out when you’re looking for something. You’re foolish, he’s not your kind of people.
J: And who are my people Jack? Last I checked that was my decision to make, not yours. 
EJ: What I’m sayin’ is he’s not going for any high-flying gypsy who lives in a trailer a few feet from his pretty little house, you’re not his people, Jennie.
J: Well you’re not my people anymore Jack, so why don’t you go hang around some folks you have somethin’ in common with, like the animals. 
EJ: I’ll smack that noisy little mouth right off your face. 
J: And I’ll get you kicked out of this camp before you can run and pick it back up for me. 
EJ: Will you?
EJ: No. You won’t. My job is controlling things that go wild. And I had your number awhile back. 
J: If you had me awhile back, you wouldn’t be hiding under those bleachers everyday when I rehearse. 
EJ: You think you see everything I do?-
J: No Jack. I smell it when you walk in. 
(She exits.)
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