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Here at SokaSoft Tech we mostly develope console/desktop type applications.

In order to branch out, we are working on our web development skills.

Below is a link to the first skill project we are working on. As time goes, on we will be adding more links.

We did not design this page but is the end result of following the course, "HTML, CSS and JavaScript - Build 6 Creative Projects."

This is an excellent course authored by George Lomidze and Lasha Nozadze co-founders of Code And Create.

The ISBN for this course on PacketPub is 9781800208186.

Invisible Card
Afer selecting the link, move the mouse around to find the hidden card.
This is a good project to start with as it showcases the power of CSS.
Works well on a computer screen but not so well on a tablet or smartphone, we will have to work on making it reactive to different screen sizes.